About Vigil Craft

Shaheen Group is one of the leading firefighting manufacturers in Pakistan. It has been manufacturing fire fighting equipment and special purpose vehicles for ten years now, starting from 2008. In order to increase production, Vigil Craft Pvt Ltd was established as a division of Shahen Group to take care of the pumping and Extinguisher business. They are dedicatedly producing lines of pumps, trucks with different purposes like garbage collection or sweeping, etc., new products every single day- even so far as developing new materials such as plastics that can be used alongside other metals in pump designs.

Vigil Craft Private Limited is an arm of Shaheen Group and takes care of the pumping and Extinguisher business. This company has been established to take over this part of their operation, as well as the development & manufacturing on new products for these industries - fire pumps, firefighting trucks, jetting vehicles (similar to a water cannon), sweeping truck (like a vacuum cleaner), large garbage truck- like dumpster divers etc., hook lifters with platforms attached below them so they can lift heavy objects such as cars or other debris off the ground without breaking it into pieces too much; suction units that help suck in smoke from fires; recovery trucks that are specifically designed for carrying people out from areas where there may be hazardous materials being used by construction companies working nearby such facilities.

Vigil Craft also provides extinguishers specially tailored towards different needs during various types of emergencies rather than just one particular type which could prove dangerous if frequently needed within short periods.

What We Do?

Vigil Craft is now dedicatedly producing lines of fire pumps, firefighting trucks, jetting vehicles, sweeping trucks, large garbage trucks, hook lifters, platform vehicles, suction units, heavy duty recovery trucks as well as firefighting equipment that includes fire extinguishers and fire pumps.

Our Mission:

As a company, we are determined to deliver the highest quality of products and services, in line with our mission. Continuous and rigorous improvement in all aspects is the focus of our company as we strive to provide a healthy work environment, use environment sensitive and friendly technologies to combat disasters and manage them while effectively decreasing fire & physical pollution. With our work, we are dedicated to balance the environment around us in the best possible way.

Our Leadership:

We believe in collective leadership.

For further queries, contact us at 0300 6342249 or email us at [email protected]

Equipment Manufacturers

Vigil Craft Pvt Ltd was established as a division of Shahen Group is a leading firefighting manufacturer in Pakistan.